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Instructions for this course

The course material has been formatted for use as a presentation, either as self-taught instruction for an individual or as a presentation to a group. We recommend the following:

  • If you want to use the course for self-taught instruction, you have a choice.
    The choice is: either use the online version, or download the PDF files. Using the online version requires an Internet connection that you can use for at least a couple of hours. Downloading the PDF files allows you to view the training material offline on a laptop or desktop computer, and also allows you to print the material. Use Acrobat Reader to view and print the PDF version of the course.

  • If you want to present the course, download the PDF version(s).
    If you want to present the course, you should download the PDF versions of the training materials. While you can use the online version as the basis of a presentation, you will need a day-long connection to the Internet in order to do so. By downloading the PDF files, you can present the course offline. If you do not want to make printed copies of the material, you can display the slides by running Acrobat Reader on a laptop or desktop computer connected to a projector. Alternatively, you can use Acrobat Reader to print the training materials and create overhead transparencies.

If this is as much as you want to know for the moment, you can go directly to the training course now.