Who is Working on Sustainability?
  • Economic Development Corporations
  • Civic Organizations
  • Environmental Groups
  • Business Groups
  • Nonprofits
  • Foundations
  • Religious Organizations
  • Government Agencies
    • Local, Regional, State, and Federal

Talking Points
  • Many different organizations are working on issues of sustainability
  • These organizations represent different viewpoints, all of which are necessary

Many different communities and groups are working on sustainability projects. Their experiences are valuable to those who want to incorporate sustainability into their community's decision-making process.

These communities and groups represent many different types of organizations. Each type of organization has its own unique point of view. The fact that such a diverse range of organizations is involved in sustainability, however, demonstrates that there is broad agreement that we need to find a direction that will move us toward a viable future.

These lists are not intended to be complete. They are only intended to give you a starting point from which to begin exploring sustainability. Other resources can be found on the Resources page of Maureen Hart's Indicators of Sustainability web site.
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