Why are People Working on it?
" ... it has always been my hope that the council would show the vision... and, more than creating a quality lifestyle, create a different lifestyle, a lifestyle more appropriate to a planet of diminishing resources,...to look at new job opportunities, to tune into the changing world and be able to change and adapt to it."
Mount Washington Valley Economic Council Member

Talking Points
  • Listen to people and ask them about their concerns
  • Many people have concerns related to sustainability, although they may call it something different

I was sitting in a meeting with a group of business leaders talking about sustainability for the White Mountains area in New Hampshire when one of the leading businessmen in the resort town of North Conway gave this reason for working on sustainability. He was concerned about his livelihood and keeping his business going, but he also felt there could be creative new ways to solve the problems that keep us within the carrying capacity of the world. This is the type of statement one might expect from a environmentalist, but this man would not define himself as an environmentalist. He is a business person who cares about his community, the economy, the people, and the natural place of which the economy and people are an important part.

If you talk to people about their concerns, you will find that most people have similar issues. Many of those people are concerned about issues of sustainability, although they probably do not use the word "sustainability" to describe their concerns.
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