Sustainable Production Indicators
  • Type and rate of material use
  • Amount and type of energy consumption
  • Amount and toxicity of waste and emissions
  • Amount of land used or reused
  • Development of workers

Talking Points
  • Materials - ecologically safe, used at sustainable rate
  • Energy - renewable, used at renewable rate
  • Waste and emissions minimized
  • Brownfield versus greenfield development
  • Workers are an important asset

How a company measures sustainable production will depend upon the particular product or service. The important items to measure are:
  • The amount and type of material and energy being used--is it ecologically safe and being used at a sustainable rate?
  • What types of wastes are being generated and what happens to them?
  • How is land being used or reused by the product, service, or production process?
  • Are workers valued and enhanced?
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