Linking Issues Worksheet
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Talking Points
  • There are different ways to determine linkages
  • Linkage web was used earlier as a way of depicting linkages
  • Worksheet is another way to determine linkages

There are a number of different ways to think about the linkages of issues in a community. One is the linkage web described earlier. Drawing a web diagram allows the group to see all the different ways that one issue is connected to other issues and where the issue fits in the overall community.

Another way is to use a worksheet to list all the different connections. Write the issue at the top of the page. Then, for each of the categories listed, write how the issue is related to that category. See how many different connections you can think of.

For both of these methods, once a number of links have been identified, the group should review the links and decide which are "key" links, which points in the system will have the most effect if you could get a monkey wrench in to tweak the system.
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