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Most of the pages in this workshop are formatted as slides. The slide pages are formatted to fit in a browser window as they might appear on an overhead projector. The next page contains a sample slide that you should use to set your browser for optimal viewing. Please be sure to set your browser before you view the workshop material.

Workshop Structure

This workshop is designed to help train people who will present a basic course in indicators of sustainability. The workshop is divided into four sections. Each section includes tips for teaching, slides and exercises:
Section 1 - What is sustainability?

Section 2 - What makes a good indicator?

Section 3 - Developing indicators

Section 4 - Indicator projects and resources
Following the last section is a list of additional resources.

How to Navigate Through the Workshop Material

Use the buttons that appear on each page to move through the workshop material:

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The Talking Points button appears on each page that contains a slide. Talking points highlight the major points a workshop leader should be sure to discuss when presenting the slide. Click on the Talking Points button to see the list of topics.
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The Narrative button also appears on each page that contains a slide. The narrative is a script that a workshop leader can use to deliver the course. For individuals who are using the material as a self-taught course, the narrative is like having an instructor discuss the topic presented on the slide. Click on the Narrative button to see the narrative.
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The Outline button will take you directly to the Outline page. The Outline page is a table of contents for the material in the workshop. You can go directly to any page in the workshop from the Outline.
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At the bottom of each page you will also find text links that perform the same functions as the buttons.

When you go through the workshop for the first time, simply click the Next button to move from one page to the next in sequence. Once you are more familiar with the material, you can use the Previous and Outline buttons to move from one part of the workshop to another.
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