Sustainable Agriculture Indicators
  • Reliance on government programs
  • Use of equipment, chemicals and nonrenewable energy
  • Creation of jobs
  • Balance between feed use and feed production

Talking Points
  • Farmers cannot be too reliant on subsidies
  • Less equipment, chemicals, nonrenewable energy use is better
  • Local job creation is desirable
  • Use energy of animals to harvest crops and spread manure

Dick Levins' indicators include: how much a farm is self supporting, how little it needs to rely on mechanical and chemical means to improve productivity, jobs that are created in the local community, and a balance between feed production and use. A farm that produces just feed or just animals for sale does not strike a balance between feed production and use. A farm on which animals use their own energy to harvest the feed and spread manure, rather than using mechanical means with nonrenewable energy, is a better example of striking this balance.

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